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Add: 3 / F, building 2, Xingpeng clothing,

         hutangqiao, Gangxia Town,

         Xishan District, Wuxi City

Tel: +86-510-88760108

Mobile: +86-13771173038

Fax: +86-510-88760258

E-mail: sales@wxlinghai.com


  Wuxi Linghai Garments Co., Ltd. mainly engages in producing knitted garments, main products: knitted men's wear, knitted women's wear, knitted children's wear, knitted T shirt, knitted sports wear, knitted leisure wear, knitted underwear, etc. The company covers 2000 sq. m., it has 100 employees, and 120 sets of equipment (well-known brands of Japan and Taiwan).
  The company accepts all foreign trade orders, and it can guarantee complete range of articles and various styles.Our products have been exported to Japan, the U. S., Korea and other countries. Main export products: cotton/polyester cotton, high-count mercerized singeing single jersey, twisted thread color strip, spandex single jersey, quick-drying, jacquard air layer, loop flannelette, and garments produced through special processing such as garment tie-dyeing, garment dyeing, etc. Chemical fiber series: polyester fabric, ant fleece, eyelet fabric, heavy twist series, warp knitting series, printing, jacquard polar fleece, and knitted garments produced through combined processing.